Merc Elite launched in testmarkets

Our highly anticipated “moba”-like game Merc Elite finally started beta in the test markets Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, as today’s tweet from Producer J. Lydell suggests.

My personal experience with Moba games is limited and even being placed in the category Moba remains a discussed topic among our gamers and developers – read first what Wiki has to say about Moba.
With many thousands of new players flushing into the game now the technology, the matchmaking, the interface and many game decisions are being put to the test. Yet this is possibly the most interesting – or exciting – time in the life of an online game. The amount of feedback is exploding, either rewarding or devastating for the developers. Many years work of passionate people exposed to the public.

What I am most proud of is the level of quality and credibility this game will bring to the browsergame industry. Although I haven’t pushed one single pixel across the screen for this project myself – I have been following the artists involved very closely. People unfamiliar with game development usually don’t realize how much time, sweat and tears are woven into the project. Get a clear picture yourself and register for a beta key now – its free.

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