About me


I am Oliver Trogemann and I am a game designer specialized in the creation and design of user interfaces. But I am not only specialized, but also very passionate about this! Why? Actually this didn’t happen as straightforward as it may sound!

My adventure in game development started as Texture Artist working on a sports title for the pc platform. Back then I actually quit my prior job at a nice little internet agency in the heart of cologne, that I took on right after studying, just to enter a -real- game development project. From there I went through various positions and responsibilities such as Texture Artist, Concept Artist, Lead Concept Artist, UI Artist and Head of Art 2D, which is my current role at Bigpoint Hamburg.

These were all great experiences and a lot of fun, but there has been a certain recurring factor: the time and passion invested into interface design! The last couple of years allowed me to meet many talented and interesting people from all over the world, most of them passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Each evolving into their areas of expertise, mine turning out to be the design of user interfaces!

Having said that, responsibilities have changed in recent years. Updates follow.

Feel free to contact me by mail or by adding me to your network at LinkedIn or Xing.