Access to the APB Reloaded closed beta

I have just been granted access to the APB Reloaded closed beta, a multiplayer shooter I have been working on for about 9 months with Realtime Worlds Ltd in Dundee, Scotland.

In case you missed the news, Realtime Worlds closed last year due to financial reasons connected to the development of APB: All Points Bulletin. For a few months now a new company based in the US continued development and went into closed beta just recently.

As one of many Designers I have been working on the UI, focused on Icon sets and building/reskinning the User Interface in Unreal Interface Editor. As one of few I have been later offered a permant role as Senior UI Designer and really enjoyed working there.
My personal goal was to follow and refine the User Interface beyond release with a great and talented team. Unfortunatly the Studio closed and I decided to return to Germany.

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